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Friday, January 25, 2019

Fun With Facebook

Here's how to have fun with Facebook
Alterra For President~!

Help me tell lots of people on FACEBOOK just how great my new book is.  Please COPY THIS URL and PASTE IT EVERYWHERE on Facebook and definitely TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS.  Tell all of your groups.  Make some FAN PAGES about the book.  Facebook does not give me an opportunity to promote my books fairly on their platform.  I tried for years, using every normal method of marketing that anyone can think of.  It appears that they don't let organic word about a book get out to very many people and I believe this policy is intentional, so that they can sell you advertising.  As we have learned in the news, Facebook is mainly interested in selling advertising.  I tried their advertising and not one of the thousands of people my ads got in front of purchased my book. I just wasted my money.  I think this is due to the fact that they have too many ads.  I know that I don't look at their ads and delete them as fast as I can.  I even try my best not to notice who the ad is from or anything about their message or their branding, because I hate advertising so much.  When I need something, I simply Google it and look at the organics pages that come up with the best ratings.  This is peer-reviewed product information.  Not unsubstantiated untrue advertising.  My remote control for my TV is the most used appliance in my home because the very second that they get ready to break for the advertisement, I flip to another channel, just so I don't have to watch or even hear the ad in the background.  I think most people are like me in that regard.  SO  ….

Bottom Line here:  Please help me promote my book - because it's important by having Fun with Facebook.  Take a snapshot of this page and post it everywhere you can on FaceBook and let's turn the tables on them.  Let's get this book the free word-of-mouth - because it's merited - promotion on Facebook.  If you really want to see CHANGE in the world - you have to be PART OF IT.


POST THIS URL everywhere too and email it to everyone you know.
Thanks very much.  Your help in promoting my book is greatly appreciated.  

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If pictures of cats is all you're about - then go back to Facebook and have fun with that kind of stuff.  But if you are concerned about the future of this country and the planet we live on - then, take a look at my new book - give it some of your time that you normally spend looking at cats and dogs - give it a review - copy this URL and the URL of my new book and paste it everywhere you go even where you look at pictures of your cats and dogs.

New Book - BRAIN DRAIN - Banned by Facebook - FIGHT BACK!

My New Book - Banned by Facebook - Fight Back! Take a look and try to find out why they banned this book on Facebook. GET YOUR...